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Fluoride Yes! Campaign — Vote October 18th, 2021

Campaign Update (October 18th, 2021): With all polls reporting, the fluoridation ballot question has passed by an overwhelming margin (62% Yes! voters to 38% opposed). More Calgarians voted for the return of fluoridation (204,457 or 62% of the vote) than the mayor-elect (174,649 or 45%).

Thank you to our volunteers, team members, donors and community for backing this campaign. We have campaigned positively and strongly for a Yes! Vote. We have shared the research that fluoridation should never have been removeddebunked the No campaign’s misinformation, and held our elected officials accountable.

With this result, we look forward to working with the next council in implementing community water fluoridation once more in our city.



On October 18th, 2021 Calgarians will be voting on returning fluoride to the water system in our city.  Calgarians will then have their voice heard and can affirm their previous plebiscite votes in favour of water fluoridation.

Calgary is an international city with mixed and vibrant communities. Calgarians regard public health is a key priority.  The COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated that individuals benefit from public health measures.  Fluoridation is one of the top 10 greatest public health measures of the 20th Century.

Fluoride naturally occurs in Calgary water.  For over 75 years, science has demonstrated that by topping up the existing level of fluoride in our drinking water to less than one part in a million parts of water, we strengthen our children’s teeth in early development. Fluoridation benefits all Calgarians throughout our lifetimes.

Two plebiscites approved the use of fluoride (1989 and 1998). In 2011, 10 City Councilors removed this public health measure with limited to no consultation.

It took years to advocate for the forthcoming plebiscite and to respect the wishes of Calgarians.  Please join us by investing in our city, supporting the health of our neighbours, and returning the safe, effective and cost-effective public health policy.

Please join us. Please donate. And please vote YES for fluoride on October 18th.


Fluoride Yes! Campaign — Vote October 18th, 2021