The wisdom of public health authorities has never been more vital.

April's issue of Maclean's Magazine publishes the “tooth” about fluoridation, debunks the nonsense and emphasizes the important vote in Calgary on October 18th.

As Jason Markusoff writes,

"The wisdom of public health authorities has been on everyone’s mind, this year and last. In Calgary this fall, it will be on the ballot. Voters will be asked during October’s civic election whether they want to resume adding fluoride to the water supply. City council had ended the practice a decade ago, undoing voters’ decisions in the fifth (1989) and sixth (1998) plebiscites in the city’s long and winding history with water-borne anti-cavity intervention."

The journalist continues:

What’s happened since 2012? A study found that within a couple of years of ending fluoridation, decay in children’s baby teeth had risen by 65 per cent compared to 2005, while the increase was only 14 per cent in Edmonton, which continues to fluoridate its water.

Read the full article here.

City Council’s 2011 to cease fluoridation caused real harm to our neighbours and Calgary’s most vulnerable.

As Calgarians, we have a duty to fix this by voting YES to reinstate fluoridation on October 18.


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