Yesterday, Calgary’s fluoridation plebiscite was featured in the American Dental Association’s newsletter. The American Dental Association reports that a recent University of Calgary study has found that dental decay has again increased significantly since Calgary removed water fluoridation.  Now, almost 2 in 3 Calgary children have tooth decay by Grade Two, whereas Edmonton’s decay rate has remained relatively stable.  Edmonton has had water fluoridation since 1967.

I hope this is sufficiently convincing to the leadership in the city of Calgary, Alberta, that they see the harm that stopping fluoridation has happened to the children of their city to want to reinstate fluoridation of the water supplies.

  • Dr. Howard Pollick, fluoridation consultant to the California Department of Public Health, health sciences clinical professor at the University of California, San Francisco School of Dentistry and member of the American Dental Association’s National Fluoridation Advisory Committee

Specifically, the study reviewed the effects of fluoride cessation: and compared Calgary with fluoridated Edmonton. The findings “point to the need for universal, publicly funded prevention activities — including, but not limited to, fluoridation.”

This new study adds to over 75 years of evidence that water fluoridation effectively prevents tooth decay. The study is similar in its findings to other cessation studies.

Funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, the team of Alberta scientists studied whether children had cavities in Grade Two and compared the outcomes between Calgary and Edmonton. Their goal was to help determine whether the differences between Calgary and Edmonton were related to fluoridation cessation in Calgary, or other factors.

Compared to Edmonton, Calgary’s children are consuming less sugary drinks, are brushing and flossing their teeth more often, are seeing the dentist and get more professional fluoride treatments and are using more topical fluoride rinses. Yet despite all of this, Calgary’s children are experiencing more dental decay than Edmonton’s children.

This report is clearly a call to action. Please support our efforts to reintroduce fluoridation in Calgary’s water system. Please consider joining this effort by visiting our “Take Action” page where we’re asking Calgarians to sign the petition; sign up for news; order a lawn or window sign; volunteer; and/or donate.

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