Today Alberta Health Services announced that it would launch a public education campaign about  the benefits of fluoridation.   AHS will communicate about fluoridation’s positive effects  on the public’s health, and how fluoridation  can prevent oral health issues, particularly among those who are most disadvantaged in our society.

Since 2017, our organization has been encouraging Alberta Health Services to take an active role in educating Calgarians about fluoridation - just as the Calgary Regional Health Authority did during the last plebiscite in 1998 when it spent the equivalent of $380,000 in today’s money.   In 1998, the health authority both explained fluoridation’s benefits and overcame a sustained misinformation and disinformation campaign.  

The effort to reinstate water fluoridation requires all of us to work together - as a city, as a campaign and as individuals.  Fluoridation helps everyone.  By voting YES, you will help people in this city.

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  • Please view  the press release from AHS - and follow its platforms for the campaign.  Follow its work on Twitter and Facebook, and on the hashtag #fluoridefacts.
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  • Join us at our Take Action page, where we list 5 easy steps to become  involved and to advocate for returning fluoridation to Calgary.

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