September 8, 2021

Calgary anti-fluoridation group seeks foreign funding for October 18 plebiscite campaign

Unregistered local group is allied to US anti-vaxxer and COVID minimizer

Calgary AB - Safe Water Calgary, whose spokesperson is Robert Dickson, aims to prevent Calgarians from benefiting from community water fluoridation, a public health measure that is widely accepted by health scientists, and public health, medical and dental experts.

Safe Water Calgary has posted about the Calgary fluoridation plebiscite on the website of the Fluoride Action Network, the United States-based anti-public health organization. Safe Water Calgary asks readers (many of whom are outside Canada) to donate to help defeat the Calgary plebiscite. 

Safe Water Calgary’s own website explains how to deliver foreign funds to it.  

The Fluoride Action Network is funded, in part, by Joseph Mercola, a notorious U.S. source of vaccine disinformation.  In this year alone, Mercola agreed to match donations to the Fluoride Action Network up to $25,000.

Dickson concedes that Safe Water Calgary includes anti-vaxxers.  When asked by Macleans, Dickson refused to reveal whether he supports vaccination, stating that his vaccine views are “a whole other topic I choose not to discuss.”

Robert Dickson frequently speaks publicly against community water fluoridation, identifying himself as "Dr Bob" or "Dr Robert Dickson".  Presumably he knows that his physician colleagues are overwhelmingly in favour of fluoridation, and still he ignores specific direction given to him by his medical licensing authority, that he must state every time that his opinion is not the view of physicians generally. 

Recently, a University of Calgary research team published its study reporting a sharp increase in dental decay since fluoridation ceased in Calgary in 2011 and since the team’s previous report in 2016.  Nevertheless, Robert Dickson is quoted in a media release dismissing the study’s conclusions without reason.  Earlier, he incorrectly wrote that public health authorities and medical and dental associations support fluoridation with “weak or nonexistent evidence” (Calgary Herald, January 26, 2019).  There is evidence to support water fluoridation; indeed, strong evidence of efficacy and safety.  Dickson simply doesn't like it.  He speaks like a conspiracy theorist: Dickson told Macleans magazine (April 26, 2021), “the establishment is lying to us about a lot of things about fluoridation”.

Alberta Health Services, the Public Health Agency of Canada and the US Centers for Disease Control, among every major medical, dental and public health agency in North America, recommend both vaccination and fluoridation. 

Fluoride Yes! calls on Elections Calgary to prevent foreign funds from being used in Calgary’s municipal election.  Fluoride Yes! calls on Safe Water Calgary to register as a Third Party Advertiser and to disclose its funding sources.  

Fluoride Yes! is registered as a Third Party Advertiser and has disclosed its funders on its website and below.


Media contact:  

Juliet Guichon, Campaign Manager,
Fluoride Yes!
Email: [email protected]


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Below, we list the names of donors to our Fluoride Yes! campaign.  As a Third Party Advertiser, we are required to submit our donor list to Elections Calgary by March, 2022.  We share our donor list now to promote transparency and enhance our democracy.  These documents are current as of September 8, 2021.


$10 - $249

Allan Bietz, Calgary
Dr. Bev Prieur, Calgary
Chelsea Oliphant-Rescanski, Calgary
Isabelle Crepin, Calgary
Robert Walker, Calgary
Gabriela Gonzalez, Calgary
Alison Wadey, Calgary
Dr. Natasha Laing, Calgary
Reid Hansen, Calgary
Rhonda Usenik, Calgary
Scott McArthur, Calgary
Dr. Dwayne Hinz, Cochrane
Joseph Boivin, Calgary
Sharon Aidla, Hinton
Vincent St. Pierre, Calgary
Debbie Hunt, Calgary
Keith Marlowe, Calgary
Dr. Nicole Hawkins, Calgary
Sara Williscroft, Calgary
Dr. Sharron Spicer, Calgary
Dr. Tim Yates, Calgary
Adam Blais, Calgary
Hugoline Morton, Calgary
Ian De Haas, Calgary
Lynn & Tom Holdsworth, Calgary
Melissa LaMothe, Calgary
Dr. Michael Gill, Calgary
Dr. Michelle Thal, Calgary
Sean Walsh, Calgary
Dr. Arthur K. Piercy, Calgary
Christy Holdsworth, Calgary
Dr. Cliff Swanlund, Calgary
Evan Dickinson, Calgary
Frank Hawkins, Calgary
Dr. Janice Heard, Calgary
Jason Manna, Calgary
Jason Sokolosky, Calgary
Dr. Jenn Brenner, Calgary
John Moreau, Calgary
Kelley Charlebois, Calgary
Dr. Kerri Johannson, Calgary
Dr. Kevin Robertson, Calgary
Dr. Lara Cooke, Calgary
Russell McKinnon, Calgary
Victoria McKinnon, Calgary
Dr. Robert Barsky, Calgary
Dr. Maeve O'Beirne, Calgary
Dr. Edison Chan, Calgary
Dr. Jennifer De Bruyn, Calgary


$250 - $999

Dr. Claude Boutin, Calgary
Denise Brunsdon, Calgary
Jean Michel Crepin, Calgary
Ken Murray, Calgary
Sri Lestarinie, Calgary
Catherine McCunn, Calgary
Dr. Wendy Wadey, Calgary
Heather Strang, Calgary
Robert Schuett, Calgary
Jane Wachowich, Calgary
Patti McCunn-Miller, Calgary
Monica Suche, Calgary
David Weyant, Calgary


$1,000 - $6,000

Dr. James Dickinson, Calgary
Alana Kitchen, Calgary
Pat Cashion, Calgary
Dr. Michelle Jung, Calgary
Dr. Juliet Guichon, Calgary
Prairie Merchant Corp. (Brett Wilson), Calgary
Dr. Bruce Yaholnitsky, Calgary
Dr. Ian Mitchell, Calgary