Calgary is an educated, scientifically literate city. As a city that values knowledge and technology, Calgary benefitted for 20 years from fluoridation, a tool that safeguarded the public's oral health.

Calgarians care about the health of the most vulnerable.  This concern is interwoven in our community's DNA: Calgarians care for one another, volunteer in our neighbourhoods, and make our city better each and every day.

Demonstrable harm has been done to our neighbours, and those most vulnerable in our city, by City Council’s decision to cease fluoridation and that undermined this preventive health measure. As Calgarians, it's our duty to fix this by voting YES to reinstate fluoridation.


We're asking you to take action now, to advance our own health and that of our neighbours, for the betterment of our city and our future.

Please take action below.

Step 1.

Sign our petition—and share it with your community.

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Step 2.

Stay connected with our team by subscribing to updates from the campaign to know what's going on.

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Step 3.

Get a sign for your lawn or window to show your support in your neighbourhood.

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Step 4.

Consider volunteering with our team. We’d welcome your help to work together to win on October 18th.


Step 5.

The Fluoride Yes! campaign is funded by Calgarians and run by a grassroots team of community members. We need your support. With donations from committed community members like you, we can print brochures, buy signs for lawns and windows and chat with our neighbours on voting yes this October 18th.