Yesterday, Regina City Council voted overwhelmingly for fluoridation in a 10-1 vote.

In the debate, a Regina City Councillor noted that council was being told two different stories – from experts and for non-experts and concerned citizens who had an unfounded fear of fluoride.

According to the Regina Leader-Post, City Councillor Bob Hawkins asked his fellow councillors, "What story are you going to believe?" Some other councillors agreed and vocally dismissed those who spoke against the motion as not being experts in the subject matter.

Kelly Fuchs, a senior health educator with the SHA’s oral health program in Regina, urged council to implement a fluoridation program, saying she has seen firsthand young children suffer from tooth decay in the city. She said many children under the age of five have to undergo surgery and anesthesia in hospital to have all their baby teeth removed or have root canals performed and crowns put in, causing the child pain and self-esteem challenges.

“They’re uncomfortable and now they are having to learn how to eat and how to speak. Some of them have difficulty speaking afterward because they don’t have those teeth to push their tongue up against,” Fuchs said.

• Kelly Fuchs, a senior health educator with the Saskatchewan Health Authority’s oral health program in Regina, who was quoted in the Regina Leader-Post

Dr. Gerry Uswak, registrar for the College of Dental Surgeons of Saskatchewan told City Council, “In Saskatchewan there is statistically significant difference in the decay rate in unfluoridated versus fluoridated communities. This has been documented by the Saskatchewan Health Authority’s regular five year research surveys.”

Fluoridation benefits everyone especially, children, seniors and other vulnerable people. With this decision, the Saskatchewan Health Authority, dental educators like Kelly Fuchs, RDH, 75 doctors in the Regina area, the dental hygienists association and more had their voices heard. The denturist society, dental therapists, dental assistants, dental surgeons and the Saskatchewan Health Authority also tabled a submission to Regina City Council's meeting on fluoridiation: highlighting that fluoridation is endorsed globally, is effective, cost-effective, and busted many myths created by a politically-charged few. Read their submission to council here.

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