Students at the University of Calgary took a stand this week for fluoridation reinstatement in Calgary.

Because fluoridation ceased in Calgary, countless children in our city have undergone expensive and dangerous surgery. Many parents and families are enduring this epidemic of dental decay in children, assuming that there is no solution.

We must end children’s preventable pain and suffering, and parents’ anxiety and expense by investing in water fluoridation. This is a public health measure that can preserve and protect the teeth of our youngest Calgarians, and is widely endorsed by health agencies throughout the world.

The University students benefited from fluoridation when they were children. They have great oral health, most reporting that they have no cavities at all at age 20 and older. The students know how lucky they were to be born when Calgary took better care of its children.

So the students are raising their voices, calling on fellow students to “pay it forward” - to accept that they have something of value (good oral health) and to help Calgary children have what they were given. Their advocacy group, “Fluoride: Pay it Forward” is calling on students to vote, to register for mail in ballots if they are out of town and to encourage their parents, relatives and friends to vote YES on October 18.

Our campaign echoes their sentiments: we must return fluoridation to Calgary’s water system: to support kids’ health and our city’s most vulnerable.

We’re excited for what these students have brought to the debate: energy, reason, passion and encouragement of their friends, families and neighbours to vote in favour of this important plebiscite.


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